Service Providers and Vendors for
Special Needs Children

Service providers and vendors for special needs children can now apply

Applications are now being accepted from companies, organizations, or individuals who provide services or products for special needs children.

Effective July 1, 2023, Utah State Law requires any vendor who provides services or products to recipients of the Carson Smith Opportunity Scholarship administered by Children First Education Fund to submit an application and be approved by CFEF.

Vendor Benefits

Once a vendor application has been approved, vendors will be listed in CFEF’s student portal. Families can access vendor products and services through the vendor’s website or scheduling program. CFEF staff will work with families to authorize the purchase of pre-approved products and services then families can connect directly with vendors to receive the approved goods and services. Funds will be paid by CFEF directly to vendors on behalf of the student, and deducted from their scholarship account. 

A speech therapist works with a student.

Application Requirements

Applications will require the following information to be submitted for review by CFEF:

  1. Organization/Individual Name
  2. Organization Type (Tutor, Service Provider, Seller, etc.)
  3. Address
  4. Website
  5. Contact
  6. Contact email address and phone number
  7. EIN for the organization, or SSN for individuals
  8. Form W-9
  9. Vendor experience
  10. Description of program, product or service

CFEF Vendors Updated as of 7/12/2024

Product Provider

Special Education