2022-2023 Expense Report

Please submit your purchase requests or reimbursements by the 5th of each month. They will be processed by the 20th of that same month. Anything received after the 5th, will be processed with the following month’s requests. 
 Please include all dated receipts/invoices. 
These requests may be handled one of two ways:
  1. Upload your requests below, along with price and vendor links (Amazon wish list works great). If approved, Children First will complete the purchase on your behalf and have physical products shipped to your home address. 

  2. Upload receipts for purchases previously made, and if approved, Children First will reimburse you for the allowable expenses. If you are unsure if an expense can be reimbursed, please submit a preapproval for the request. 

Please note, Children First will consider whether the requests are reasonable allowable expenses as defined by the Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship Program

Current allowable expenses: textbooks, curriculum, or other instructional materials, including supplemental materials – books, art/craft supplies, manipulatives –  or associated online instruction required by a curriculum, tuition and fees for an online learning course or program, occupational/behavioral/physical/speech and other therapies by a licensed physician or licensed practitioner

Items not eligible – including but not limited to; bookcases, printers, desks, chairs, computers or other electronic devices. Clothing. Equipment such as headphones, microscopes (unless part of a curriculum kit), telescopes, audible membership, PE equipment.